How US luxury brands conquered China

How US luxury brands conquered China



Brands including Coach, Tiffany & Co., Estée Lauder and Michael Kors have become popular in China by working on Chinese online platforms and working with Chinese influencers

While there is no one-size-fits-all China market strategy, there appears to be five common approaches for US brands to reach Chinese consumers. Several US brands, including Tiffany & Co, Estée Lauder and Michael Kors, have made a name for themselves in China’s growing luxury market. The Luxury Conversation Survey on US brands revealed clear adoration for various brands and travel destinations. How have they each achieved this?

Brand culture and heritage

Some luxury brands have become popular in China because Chinese people perceive them as being representative of a certain social status or lifestyle. One prime example is the classic Tiffany & Co, which has a similar reputation in China as it does in the US, seen as a legacy brand exuding class and grace. In 2015 China luxury research company Hurun found that Tiffany & Co. was Chinese HNW consumers’ favourite American luxury brand and their third favourite jewellery brand.


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