From Inclusive Commercials to Charitable Promotional Campaigns

This past year has seen a lot of promotional trends in the realms of inclusion and charity, and marketing trends in 2018 are likely to continue down this path.

Equal and progressive representation in the media, whether promotional or entertainment-based, has been growing in prominence in the past year, and will continue to do so in the future. Examples of inclusive approaches to representation include IKEA Canada’s Wonderful World commercial, the Pantene Gold Series hair products and campaign that is targeted at women with natural hair, or the inclusion of Manny Gutierrez as Maybelline’s first male beauty ambassador.

With the political environment in North America being as volatile as it has been this past year, brands have responded to this turmoil by creating promotional campaigns that do good for various causes, a trend that is likely to continue into the new year. Examples include Cards Against Humanity Saves America, Brewdog’s environment-focused beer campaign, and McCann Lima’s billboard which reveals its writing when the billboard is exposed to pollution.