via NY Daily

Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended the Trump family’s penchant for making products overseas by blaming supply chains in the U.S.

Spicer was peppered with questions about the first family’s business dealings Monday after the administration planned “Made in America Week” this week.

He was asked whether the Trump organization and Ivanka Trump, who both sell clothing products such as ties for low costs in Asia, would join in the festivities by committing to move production to the U.S.

Spicer said could not comment on their choices.

However, he defended his boss against allegations of hypocrisy by saying “There are certain supply chains or scalability that are not available in this country.”

Spicer did not give specifics about whether there was anything preventing Trump items such as shirts and ties from being made in the U.S.

Trump has praised his own personal interventions in the U.S. economy for saving jobs, though his spokesman said that the Trump organization’s global cost cutting was part of a “capitalistic society.”

 Despite being repeatedly slammed for not living up to his words, Trump has made the idea of American manufacturing a common refrain in his presidency.

A list of “Made in America” products from businesses set to represent 50 states at a White House event on Monday said that New York is being represented by Steinway & Sons pianos.

Perhaps worried about the scandals surrounding his administration, the President also hopped onto a firetruck brought to the White House lawn from Wisconsin.

“Where’s the fire? I’ll put it out,” he said, adding that the truck was beautiful.