Prince Harry and Meghan Markle merchandise is everywhere in the UK.

A royal wedding usually comes with a royal shedload of (often tacky) commemorative trinkets, and Prince Harry’s upcoming union to Meghan Markle is no different.

The ‘gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes’ image, taken from their engagement announcement, is being flogged mercilessly, typically overpriced. Keyrings are selling at Palace souvenir shops for for £3.99 (NZD$7.70), gold-plated spoons for £4.99 (NZD$10), and fridge magnets for £1.99 (NZD$4). The grinning couple can be yours on a bone china mug for £6.99 (NZD$13).

Besides the souvenir shops that line London’s tourist hotspots , the internet is also all over it.

Brits are buying up a ton of Harry and Meghan merch.

Brits are buying up a ton of Harry and Meghan merch.

There’s a £30 (NZD$57) lifesize cardboard cutout of the couple on Amazon, who are also selling Meghan Markle masks, which is kind of creepy. Given the Brits’ penchant for street parties (which are already being planned across the country), there are some twee edible cupcake decorations (£2.49/NZD$5) to go with the endless reams of Union Jack bunting. Of course, there’s plenty of half-humorous variations of the “Keep Calm” motif which everyone says they’re sick of, but clearly aren’t.

Meanwhile, hawkers on auction site Ebay are also making a pretty penny out of the occasion. Because, who doesn’t want a close up of Markle’s ring on a ceramic thimble, or old obsessively collected newspaper clippings?

The most expensive listing on Ebay right now is the catchy domain name,, with the reasonable asking price of £10,000 (NZD$19,130). Second is the rather tenuous sounding “same size stone Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle 2.48 carat”, a snip at £9,386 (NZD$18,000). Then there’s a limited edition “Harry Bear“, which has absolutely nothing to do with the nuptials. Yours, for only 300 quid (NZD$570). Unsurprisingly, none have attracted any bids so far.

The couple will marry on 19 May in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.