Is it too soon to don an Oprah for President shirt? According to fashion designers, it is not.

As reports that Oprah Winfrey is considering running for President of the United States in 2020 continue to spread, merchandise for her presidential campaign is already available for purchase.

The result of a collaboration between online content creators, PizzaSlime and F**Jerry, you can now show your support for Oprah’s campaign with gear from the anticipatory clothing release – despite Oprah’s lack of confirmation regarding the rumours.

The limited edition time capsule collection consists of a hat, long sleeve T-shirts, and hoodies – and will most likely have Americans replacing their bright red MAGA hats.

One design chosen for the long sleeve tees and the hoodies displays Oprah’s face underneath the words Oprah for President and above “A new day is on the horizon,” a quote taken from her Golden Globes speech.

The long sleeved shirt is available for $40 (£29) and the hoodie is a bargain at $60 (£44).

The other merchandise is more simple and displays a more classic approach to campaign clothing.

(PizzaSlime) Oprah presidential merchandise is already available

Featuring Oprah’s name above white and red lines with 2020 underneath, the design is a simple but powerful way to show your support for the (possible) presidential candidate.

The items are available in white, blue, and black – and can be purchased here.

Oprah 2020.