Logic Inbound, a digital firm located in Seattle Washington, just announced a new official list of the highest quality stores in the print-on-demand branded lighter business. This analysis comes after months of deliberation and number crunching which examined hundreds of competitive companies in the branded smoke shop promotional materials industry.

1) Inkhead – Ranking first on the list is Inkhead, a company that creates custom branded versions of a staggering variety of different products. They reach far beyond lighters into territory like bags, drinkware, electronics, key chains, office supplies, and much more. That said, they can be relied upon to also deliver branded materials appropriate for smoke shops like lighters.

2) 99CentBics.com – Second on our list is a store focused specifically on meeting the needs of smoke shops looking for promotional materials. They can create custom lighters, matches, rolling papers, jars, and grinders. Their specific commitment to the customized lighter and smoke shop promotional material industry leads them to the second place spot.

3) rushIMPRINT – This retailer emphasizes creating promotional products and shipping them out as quickly as possible. RushIMPRINT claims to be able to create and ship out materials as soon as one business day after an order is received. They also have a separate site to serve Canadian customers.

4) THCustomPromos – Ranking fourth is a company that also attempts to focus in on the smoke shop and dispensary industry by meeting their needs for branded lighters, rolling papers, and so on. They also create other customized items including food and drink accessories and apparel. While they focus on the right industry, the website doesn’t inspire as much confidence as it could due to typographical errors and poorly embedded images and videos.

5) PrintGlobe – PrintGlobe is another all-encompassing custom promotional material e-commerce site. They offer volume discounts on nearly any customized product under the sun on a website almost overwhelmed by menus and options. They started in 1995 as a graphic design and printing company and expanded online in 2002, after which they have enjoyed continuous and substantial growth.

This overview analysis report on the smoke shop promotional lighters industry is a service of Logic Inbound. This is an abbreviated analysis produced from proprietary data accumulated by Logic Inbound. To acquire a more detailed analysis of this industry please contact the company via their press representative.

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