Whether it is a small local team or a national squad, football teams need proper branding from the very beginning. Since team emblems are an image of pride, aggression and loyalty, you need to make sure that you create the emblem once and make it last for a long time.

Below mentioned are some image ideas for crafting a football logo design for your team.

• Aggressive Animals:

We all know how aggressive sports can be so why not use that aggression in your brand mark. The best way to accommodate aggression and violence into your trademark sign is to use images of wild animal in your team symbol. This will give an edge of violence in your player’s trademark which will be intimidating for your opponents. You can use images of intimidating animals like tiger, lion, jaguar, bull, bears, alligators, hawks or rattlers. Illustrate your animals to be snarling, growling, scratching or howling so that it sends a shiver down your opponents’ spines whenever they have a look at your trademark sign.

• Mythical Or Historical Creatures:

To make the brand marks memorable, there must be certain amount of imagination and art involved in the craft. For that, the best idea is to use mythical or historical creatures that can add a hint of tradition and roots to the design. For example, you can use an image of a knight in an armor who is riding on a horse and has his lance drawn out in the front. This will depict that the team is brave and advocates justice. Similarly, you can take an idea from the old Greek and Roman Gods and use that as an inspiration. For example, you can use an image of Zeus to show your supreme authority in the field or an image of Hercules to represent your strength.

• Patriotic Or National Images:

Another idea is to use images that represent patriotism or nationalism. That will create a natural affiliation with the team and an unconscious, emotional bond with the players. The stars, stripes and red and blue colors are also a great theme to work with and are quite flexible. For example, take a look at the football logo that has taken inspiration from the national flag for its team emblem. You can also use your state culture and colors in your monogram. For example if your team is representing the state of Alaska then you can use an image of the moose in your monogram or if it is from Florida, then you can use an image of a panther.

To wrap it all up, make sure that the sign that you are creating represents strong and positive messages about the team and its players through its imagery. Even the colors you use should be bold and solid so that your team mark looks authoritative and intimidating.