It’s still the holiday season in the United States, which means gifts are even being divvied out to friends and family. Many Houston Astros fans shared what they received on social media, sparking some intrigue.

For Houston Astros fans, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


Christmas may be over, but the holidays are not, as Houston fans from the around the world are still celebrating the organization’s first-ever World Series championship.

They will continue until the Texas team is dethroned, whether it be next year or in years to come.

Baseball fans displayed their newest presents on social media, expressing their joy and love of their favorite club. And Houston fans especially got creative with what they doled out to their friends and loved ones.

Classic jerseys of a person’s favorite player or a bobblehead for that person’s cubicle used to be the go-to options in the winter.

But now that the Astros have their championship, framed articles and shirts hang on the walls of several houses.

Foam fingers and sweatshirts, as well as other memorabilia, sat within boxes waiting to be opened. And people of all ages ripped them up with excitement, resembling the child in everyone’s heart.

It seems that a large percentage of Astros fans received what they wanted for the holidays. And of course, what they’ll want next year is World Series No. 2.

That wish may not be so farfetched, as Houston enters next season with much of the same roster as it had last season.

Hence, the Astros could still be deemed World Series favorites, even with the Yankees and Indians not far behind.

Nevertheless, there were a few presents that stood out just a tad more than others, whether it be for sentimental reasons or pure awesomeness.

Of the tons and tons of photos exhibiting fanatical accessories and impressive arrangements, a handful was stirring.

Here are a few of those that may have turned a few heads.

Framed Articles

Nothing cements a historic feat like a group of newspaper articles explaining in detail how the events occurred.

Although digital media has surpassed print as the most convenient source of news, the aura of authenticity lives in the black ink that covers a front page of a local newspaper.

The Houston Chronicle gave fans a beautiful sight to see with several articles including the final few days of the season.

From the dog pile to the parade in the hometown, every moment was a magical ride that Astros fans never experienced before.

Surely many of the players have a similar mount sitting in their own houses somewhere.

The stories represent the history, and the narrative exemplifies all of the hard work each player went through to achieve success.

George Springer mashed against some of the best pitchers in the league, while the pitching staff held enough Dodgers players in check.

Now the question is where should the articles be displayed? A male fan could hide them in their room or man-cave to gaze at in solidarity.

Females may set them in the living room, where everyone can see them and witness their piece of history.

Several posts on Twitter showcased a lone article. Despite some cool frames that encased the papers, a collection or collage seems more fitting.

And it can probably save some money by purchasing just one large frame rather than some smaller ones.

Either way, it’s a classy gift that deserves some praise. Whether it is from an Astros fan or not, everyone has to admit it’s a necessity for a real baseball fanatic.

Maybe fans can add another collection in the coming years.