Logos come in all shapes and sizes. They are important for brand identity in all kinds of business. Did you know there are some logos with hidden messages? Trying to find the hidden message in logos is like solving a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Well not all hidden messages in logos are hard to reveal, some are very easy to decipher. For eg: the Chick-fil-a, uses a chicken in the C, which is so easy to understand. Baskin and Robins an incecream company has 31 different flavors and they have put that to good use in their logo.In order to find the hidden message in logos, we might have to stare harder at a logo. the number 31 is not so prominent in the baskin and robins logo, but look at every aspect in the logo and i’m sure you will find it very interesting to solve mysteries.

55 Creative Logo designs with Hidden messages - Part 2

logo design hiddenA.G. Low Construction- Looks like the floor plan of a house

logo design hidden

Amazon- A arrow and smile which points from a to z

logo design hiddenlogo design hidden

The hidden logo with an elephant’s silhouette is defined by a giraffe and rhinoceros; the negative space of the animal’s hind legs are cleverly shaped by the twin spires of Cologne Cathedral.

logo design hiddenlogo design hidden

It’s a beautiful concept design

logo design hidden

Reminiscent of the Families logo can you spot a mother and child holding hands

logo design hidden

A twisted heart but can be easily read

logo design hiddenIt’s easily readable even when it’s flipped down

logo design hiddenCan you spot the fourth raven?

logo design hiddenAll the words are used to a create a simple typography

logo design hiddenCan you spot the plug and electric cable?

logo design hiddenBeautifully created logo with all negative spaces taken care of

logo design hiddenFour arrowas are launched, but there is a counter arrow which shows everything will be taken care of

logo design hidden

Perfect use of negative spaces which includes many animals in a single logo

logo design hiddenWhales tail is very prominent in this logo

logo design hiddenGreenLabs – Tree with a brain suggesting strong intellectual capacity

logo design hiddenCarrefour Logo – It’s a hypermarket chain which shows all four directions

logo design hiddenF1 logo is very simple, the 1 is very prominent here. logo design hiddenFedEx logo may look simple, but the emphasis on E says there are efficient and fast delivery

logo design hidden

Eighty20 – This definitely created by a maths geek and computer nerd

logo design hiddenlogo design hidden

Egg and Spoon so easy to decipher

logo design hiddenIt’s a tyre manufacturing company, it shows a 3D effect in its logo

logo design hidden

Goodwill makes all smile.

logo design hiddenChick-fil-a logo has a chicken image making the logo look interesting

logo design hiddenNewman is a classic simple logo which will be liked by everyone

logo design hiddenWhen you are playing Pac Man it’s always fun

logo design hidden

Elefont- Can you spot the elephant trunk

logo design hiddenDid you know that Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors and can you spot the number 31 in the logo.

logo design hiddenSony Vaio is a combination of analog and digital technology and the 1 and 0 means a lot in the binary world

logo design hiddenUnilever is one of the biggest marketing companies which caters to all kinds of industries and customers.

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenlogo design hiddenMuseum of London is a symbolic representation of London’s growth over a period of time

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenCan you find a bear in the Toblerone

logo design hiddenProf Vaughan Pratt designed this logo for Sun Microsystems and it’s possible to read in all the directions

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenThis Schizophrenic logo takes after dual personalities like being sad and happy

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenlogo design hiddenlogo design hiddenNorthwest Airlines looks like a compass with the N and W put inside a circle

logo design hiddenNBC always look forward and never look back. It’s a very strong message

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenMilwaukee Brewers – Can you spot the initials M and B?

logo design hiddenLondon Symphony Orchestra – What do you see musical notes or an image of a conducter?

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenlogo design hiddenThe Guild of Food Writers – Can you see a spoon in the nib. Well it’s known for its famous culinary writing and great food.

logo design hiddenlogo design hiddenYoga Australia Logo- Can you spot Australia map in between the yoga poses of the woman