In Photo: Prestige 88 (Rudy Project) COO Jack Wang (second from right) join Worldexco officials (from left) Bogee Romero, marketing manager; Raquel Romero, president and general manager; and Lyn Romero, chairman, at the ribbon-cutting rites signaling the opening of the Corporate Giveaways 2017 Annual buyers show at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on Tuesday.

via Business Mirror 

She took the brave step 30 years ago, when she left her work as a public relations (PR) director in one of the country’s leading hotels and put up her own business.

Now, Lynn Romero already made a mark in the industry after taking the risk of leaving her reputable job.

“In the early 1980s, when I was working in a hotel, I was the [PR] director and one of my functions, of course, is to look for giveaways,” Romero recalled, adding that it was always a dilemma for them, especially during Christmas season and other occasions.

She said it was a struggle on her part that during those days you need to call suppliers and let them make a presentation in the office, making the process longer.

Likewise, it was also disappointing to her that the quality was

“In the end, sometimes you’re happy sometimes you’re not. Sometimes you find reliable supplier, sometimes you don’t,” she said, admitting that it was really difficult to look for giveaways that are essential in her line of work.

According to her, the idea of putting up the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show was created after she became very much involved with the tourism convention.

“That was where I got the idea to put up a buyers’ show, specifically for corporate giveaways, to make lives easy both for the suppliers and the clients under one roof for two to three days,” she added.

At present Corporate Giveaways—an annual buyers’ show on business gifts, premiums, promotional ideas and merchandise incentives—is the longest-running and most successful trade show in the country.

Romero said more people are frequenting the buyers’ show for “on the part of corporate clients, this is an opportunity to view over 100  giveaways  in just one venue, then you can talk to the suppliers right then and there, [and have a] face-to-face encounter.”

Family business succession

Romero finally felt that it is about time to pass on the family business to her two daughters, Raquel and Boogie, sometime in the early 2000.

Both Raquel and Boogie thought that it would not be easy for them, seeing her achieve great success in her life, overcome numerous challenges and face failure but emerge victorious. They both have their respective jobs already. Raquel graduated in the University of the Philippines, where she took up Film, while Bogee took up Humanities minor in Literature in University of Saint La Salle.

Raquel is now the president and general manager of World  Expos and Concepts Inc. (Worldexco), the organizer of the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show, while Bogee is the Worldexco marketing services manager.

Bogee said they have learned a lot from their mom since she would always bring them with her to the buyers’ show when they were just kids.

Lynn would always impart to them before that no matter the hardship, “Just keep on going and going no matter how life was. Remain to be professional, have integrity, respect your client [and] respect your suppliers.”

Inculcating those values to her children and her unwavering work ethics, Raquel and Bogee don’t make her worry that her ventures will go off the rails.

At present the number of participants and their products are significantly growing, indicating a huge corporate market that extends all the way to MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and end-users, Raquel said.

Worldexco, the premier organizer of the country’s longest-running and best-attended corporate gifts show with the tagline “30 Years As The Philippines’ No. 1 Expo For Business Gifts”, will gather professionals in the field of purchasing and supply management, advertising, business development, events management, sales, marketing and promotions, public relations and communications, customer relations, brand management, e-commerce, market research, trading and manufacturing, print production, human resources and administration, among others.

Romero said the Corporate Giveaways 30th Annual Buyers’ Show on Business Gifts, Premiums, Promotional Ideas and Merchandise Incentives, also features Office Solutions, including marketing support services, business solutions, office equipment, furniture, supplies and uniforms, as well as F and B gifts lane, which is a showcase and sampling of year-round food and beverage gift options.

A proud mom

Lynn said her daughter exceeded her expectations and she could not be more proud.

“They were growing, getting to know the exhibitors. It is very gratifying that they took over,” Lynn said, but she stressed that she did not forced them to do so.

“I am happy that they took over the business. They exceeded my expectation. My friends are all saying that ‘oh you’re so blessed’…as if they’re saying that they learn from me; but they know better. They improved [the business]; they made a lot of improvement and it is what it is supposed to be,” a satisfied mother added. Lynn was optimistic that there’s no way Raquel and Bogee would mess up with the business they inherited.

“What if they messed up? What will the exhibitors say? Please return your mother?” she quipped.

But on a serious note, Lynn shared she gave the job to her daughter because she knew that “they can do it”.

Inheriting a job, she said, is like having their foot at the door. “But once they enter it’s up to them.”

Image Credits: Roy Domingo