The Baltimore Ravens will play a game in London, England for the first time on Sunday when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars. Apparently someone on the Ravens staff wanted to convey the team’s excitement about the trip to England by posting an very strange tweet featuring Queen Elizabeth II.

The post photoshopped the team’s logo – including the Raven’s red eye – onto Queen Elizabeth II’s face.

The Ravens realized their bad judgement and quickly deleted the tweet, but a tweet is rarely permanently deleted because of split-second reactions by others on social media. Apparently, the original poster also was unaware of the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Agency Committee of Advertising Practice Code, which frowns upon those using images of the royal family in marketing campaigns without prior permission.

“Members of the royal family should not normally be shown or mentioned in a marketing communication without their prior permission but an incidental reference unconnected with the advertised product, or a reference to material such as a book, article or film about a member of the royal family, may be acceptable.”