We all know McDonald’s is bad for your health, but this taking things too literally.

In his series Corpgear, NYC-based artist Tom Galle turns the world’s most famous logos into lethal weapons. For instance, he turns Nike’s swoosh into a dagger, while the ‘F’ on the Facebook logo is transformed into a crowbar.

It’s unknown why Galle chose these brands for his series. Maybe because Facebook barges into people’s privacy? Or that Nike is slowly killing people in sweatshops? In any case, people have mixed feelings about the weapons.

“Brass McKnuckles,” one commenter joked, while another countered: “As if we need to glorify weapons any more. Major down vote.”

What do you think of the series? And what brands should be next on Galle’s list?

To know more about Tom Galle and his work, head on over here.