In the last few years digital marketing has grown so quickly that it can be easy to forget the tried and tested ‘traditional’ marketing methods. While it is important to dedicate time to your social media profiles, websites and online advertising such as paid media, it is just as important to include traditional methods into your marketing plan, imagine the results your small business could achieve if you combined the two!


Promotional products often get overlooked when a brand is creating their marketing plan, but they can be a great way to stay at the forefront of prospective customers minds. Branded merchandise such as pens or mugs are a cost-effective marketing tool to hand out and gift to both customers and clients.

A promotional gift can be used to invoke brand loyalty and grow a customer relationship long after the initial conversation is over and prospective customers will remember the generosity of your brand, especially if you are providing a useful product such as a thermal flask or a keyring. This will hopefully leave a lasting impression and in turn generate new leads and sales.


Although figures have been released showing that the use of print marketing has been decreasing within the past few years, you would be silly to ignore this failsafe marketing method. Print Media Centr’s data, recently stated that the print industry is still worth $640 billion, showing how leaflets and posters are a really cost-effective way of raising your brands awareness and generating quick business wins.

Another form of print media to consider is pull up banners, it is important to consider that exhibition sat ups may seem like a huge expense you don’t need, with no immediate guaranteed results. But it’s good to think of this as an investment, once you have designed and printed your pull up stands you have a great marketing toolkit to use as and when needed.

FaceTime reported that over 13 million people are attending exhibitions each year, resulting in £2.6 billion being spent on the services or products demonstrated. A creatively designed banner, representing your brand image can send a great message to potential customers and can be used at multiple events and exhibitions.


If your company is currently not utilising email marketing, this needs to change asap! Email marketing is without a doubt the marketing channel you can rely on to deliver ROI. The biggest benefit to email marketing is the significantly lower cost compared to other channels, if you remove the cost of print or postage, or even digital fees such as paid advertising you aren’t left with a large overhead. If you are planning on using this as a key marketing platform it might be worth investing in specialist software  to track and evaluate the success of your mail shots.